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Wonky MKV Playback
Back and forth, in and out of sync and skipping. I have not fiddled with any audio settings although a +6dB gain from FFDShow audio would be .

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Having trouble decoding 1080i/1080P MKV files [Archive] - Doom9's ...
I've been having a lot of difficulty playing 1080i or 1080P MKV files on . best with latest ffdshow, video plays fine, but it has minor audio sync .

How to Troubleshoot Out of Sync MKV Sound | eHow.com
Distributed with the MKV file extension, Matroska videos contain media streams that . Soundtrack That Is Not in Sync · How to Sync Audio & Video in MKV Format . Codec packages like CCCP, FFDShow and Haali Media Splitter include a set .

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1080p videos - video + audio not in sync - The KMPlayer's Forums
1080p videos - video + audio not in sync Technical Support. . MOVIES\8 HP DH\ maxhd-hp7p2-1080p.mkv General Unique ID . Also, for ffdshow, I believe I already have it downloaded, since I see it when I add system .

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MKV out of SYNC since 8.4.0
I too noticed after recently updating from K-Lite Codec Pack v8.4.0 to 8.4.6, I got out of sync audio using ffdshow video decoder playing mkv or .

DirectVobSub causes audio sync problems
RE: DirectVobSub causes audio sync problems. Or maybe it is better put like this: I have an ION HTPC. 90% of my videos are mkv. I would like .

How to watch anime properly on PS3 Media Server — Dark's Code ...
Dec 27, 2010 . Open ffdshow Audio decoder configuration, go to the DirectShow Control . everything is working great, but recently certain mkv files have sync .

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Audio Delay Bitstream vs PCM
I just have a question about setting the audio delay with ffdshow. . 270ms delay dialed into the ffdshow audio settings to sync the audio with the picture. . On the MKV TAB, set the LAV splitter - that will fix TrueHD, i dont .

Audio Sync Problem
I just noticed that the last 5 movies I've encoded have an audio sync problem. . The .vc1 files, I converted to .mkv using eac3to prior to using StaxRip. . These days to be 100% sure I open the original file using ffdshow to .

MKV audio video drift out of sync during playback | Missing Remote
Nov 15, 2011 . One thing we noticed is that although the A/V sync starts out right, over time the . Haali is the MKV splitter. ffdshow tryouts using only the audio .

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AVStoDVD audio out of sync on converted mkv
There is a huge delay in the audio after converting an mkv file to folder structure. Here is the log: . Adjust ffdshow mixer: 1. Save General .

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  • Chuck12/15/2010

    FFDShow DXVA causes audio sync errors
    If I watch a mkv with subtitles I use FFDShow DXVA and the audio and video are in sync. The subtitles start getting ahead of the video as the .

  • Kathryn12/10/2010

    Why does does my audio go out of sync every time I reencode either ...
    Sep 1, 2011 . If the audio is in sync at the beginning and out at the end, check your frame rate on . Wherever possible, use MKV or MP4 to wrap your streams . AC3Filter / FFDShow's audio component for audio and Haali Media Splitter for .

  • Steph11/25/2010

    howto — Dark's Code Dump
    Ordered chapters for MKV files; ffdshow filters, most notably the Debanding filter . the audio in PS3 Media Server, since it has a tendancy to go out of sync .

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Audio Video Synchronizer sync or synchronize video movie film sound
Audio Video Synchronizer can synchronize or sync video movie film sound. . installed, it can support more formats such as divx, xvid, dv, mkv, ogm, svcd, dsm, etc. . temporarily in FFDShow Video Decoder Configuration or FFDShow Audio .