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Jamaica History - Jamaica Independence
Since independence from Britain in 1962, power in Jamaica has alternated . Jamaica's first National Hero was born in St. Ann's Bay, St. Ann, on August 17, .

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A Brief History of Jamaica - Jamaicans.com
Prior to the arrival of Columbus in 1494, Jamaica was inhabited by Arawaks, living in . when the American war of independence disrupted trade between what was then . wars against the British, Nanny was eventually named a national hero.

Talawah Factor | "We Little, But We Talawah!"
On this independence year for our beloved Jamaica, we want to recognize the accomplishments of these people, organizations and companies who embody the .

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Jamaica National Heritage Trust - Jamaica - JNHT
History - Jamaica's history from the Pre-Columbian era to Independence. . list of fact on Jamaica including the national anthem, pledge, song, heroes and more.

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BBC News - Jamaica timeline
Jan 10, 2012 . 1509 - Jamaica occupied by the Spaniards under a licence from . Son of national hero Norman Manley, the premier at independence. Premier .

Jamaica Public Holidays
Jamaica public holidays including national holidays and bank holidays. . Jamaica springs to life with music and dancing when the island commemorates the anniversary of its independence, which took place in 1962. . National Heroes' Day .

Jamaican Celebrations - Real Jamaica Vacations
Jamaican celebrations - Learn about Jamaica at Christmastime and other . will be handed out on Heroes Day in October, is published on Independence Day.

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National Heroes of Jamaica
123independenceday.com provides you with more detailed information on Jamaica's National Heroes, the activities and contributions of those national heroes .

Jamaica 50th - Jump for Jamaica
Jump For Jamaica. Canadian Jamaicans and our Supporters. Celebrate Jamaica's 50th anniversary of independence (1962 - 2012). Play .

Jamaica Public holidays in Jamaica 2010 - 2011
Jamaica public holidays 2010 and Jamaica public holidays 2011. . Independence Day, 6 Aug, 6 Aug. National Heroes' Day, 15 Oct, 17 Oct. Christmas Day, 25 .

National Heroes - Jamaica Information Service
National Heroes of Jamaica. . orderly withdrawal from the union, set up a joint committee to decide on a constitution for separate Independence for Jamaica.

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Popular Jamaican Celebrations! - My Island Jamaica
Heroes Day, Emancipation Day and Independence day however are a lot . The Canadians for example, celebrate our independence day with Jamaica Day.

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    Jamaica - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    It came into force with the Jamaica Independence Act, 1962 of the United Kingdom . Father of the Back to Africa Movement and Jamaica's first National Hero.

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    Visit Jamaica
    . years of European occupation and governance, Jamaica gained its independence from Britain on August 6, 1962. . Jamaica has seven National Heroes.

  • Steph11/25/2010

    Nanny of the Maroons: History, Memory, and Imagery
    After Jamaica gained its independence from Britain in 1962, a national . Along with other inductees into national hero status, Nanny of the Maroons was .

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Independence Day of Jamaica
The History of Jamaica is discussed below in detail. . Jamaica National Heroes . period, the period after the discovery of the island by other countries, the period of Spanish and English rule and the final phase of Jamaican Independence.