why is my period bright red

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Why is it my period is always brown and super thick? It is super ...
Why is it my period is always brown and super thick? It is super . of the period. Or blood may start out bright red and turn darker red or brown.

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Menstruation Forum - Bright red blood after period
Bright red blood after period . Hi, I had my period five days ago. Which lasted four days and is normal for me. But this morning when I whipped .

Possible miscarriage w IUD · Miscarriage discussions | Family's ...
May 27, 2012 . After two days of spotting the gushes of bright red blood started flowing so I was relieved that my period started (I have a 7 month old baby and .

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Bright Red Period - Ask Me Help Desk
Oct 10, 2005 . Hi, I recently started my period and this time it is bright red. It has never been like this, I could of swore I was pregnant. I had every symptom of.

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Bright red heavy bleeding - Power Surge Forums
Mar 28, 2012 . Help! It's midnight and I'm freaking out. My usually light period started with bright red heavy bleeding this time. I'm so scared...

Menstrual Blood Colors and Textures: What Do They Mean ...
Feb 1, 2012 . "What do lots of clots in your period blood mean?" and "What does bright red blood mean during your period?" to prove it. Sadly, anyone .

Bright Red Blood vs. Dark Blood - Menopause Forum - GardenWeb
I finally got a period, but the blood is bright red and thinner and it is a heavier period than . I did have my usual headache the 1st of 2nd day.

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Menopause Board Index: bright red periods
I got my period one week ago and it ended about two days ago. I just went to the bathroom now and was shocked to see bright red discharge ..seems my period .

Menopause Board Index: bright red blood period
My period seemed to have ended, then I had to strain a bit for a bm and bright red blood came out, then it subsided after a couple days, now its a normal period, .

Why your period is bright red and its 5 days early
Why your period is bright red and its 5 days early? In: Menstruation [Edit categories]. Answer: haha .. dico alam .. First answer by ID2015164488. Last edit by .

my period is a week late n now im bleeding bright red blood n ...
Maybe just a period....but look and see. Tissue can be in normal period...lining is shed of uterus...it is not just blood. Sign in to report abuse or send a compliment .

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Women's Health Board Index: bright red blood period
I had my period 2 weeks ago, everthing was normal with that...Friday I started bleeding again..it's actually heavier than my period and bright red blood...I had a .

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  • Chuck12/15/2010

    When Spotting Before Your Period Signals a Problem - PMS Center ...
    Spotting before your period or between periods is usually of little concern, but at times can be serious. Learn why spotting occurs and what to do about it.

  • Kathryn12/10/2010

    Ovulation 101: 10 Common Questions about Your Period - Mommy ...
    Nov 4, 2011 . On the other hand, bright red blood means the bleeding is more fresh. If I am stressed about my period, will it come late? It is true that stress can .

  • Steph11/25/2010

    calling all women who have had implantation bleeding ...
    My period isn't due again for at least another week and a half. . The next day went to#2 notice a gosh of bright red blood but went away after i .

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Is this my period or could I be pregnant? | BabyCenter
TMI I knop sorry) So my question is... Can it be implantion bleeding if it is bright red kinda like my normal period except that it was lighter he first day and almost .